The world's tuftiest giraffe

The world’s tuftiest giraffe





















Tufty was found lurking in the bushes at the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve in Kwa-Zulu Natal.


All giraffes have skin and hair on their ossicones, but it’s usually only the females who keep the hair. Ossicones develop tufts of hair on the ends that stand up, and are visible on females and young male giraffes. As the males mature, they use their heads and necks as weapons to earn female affection, swinging their heads powerfully into the necks of other male giraffes and butting heads. All this fighting action tends to wear the hair tufts off the ossicones of male giraffes.

Little Diva: Twist and curl

cute girls hairstyles guideThis hairstyle looks amazing and is quite tough to get right. Well, it is for me anyway. I struggle to keep Squidge’s hair in that twist for any length of time, her hair is so fine and curly that it untwists itself really easily. Fortunately, there is the wonder of hair spray and spray-in conditioner. A light blend of the two tends to hold the stray hairs down and the twist in place.

With this style you need: hairbrush, a rat tail comb, a hair band and a bobby pin, patience…

  • Brush the hair free from knots and tangles and then use the rat tail comb to divide the hair along the middle of the head. Don’t include the hair from the sides, just a section in the middle of the head that’s parallel to the ears.
  • Clip this section out of the way
  • Pull the rest of the hair back and twist it into a bun. If you need a great tutorial on how to do this go here.  If you don’t have time to do that, my secret is to tie the hair into a pony, separate the hair into two strands, twist them in my hands until they start pulling inwards and then twist them around each other and the hairband until they make a perfect bun, and seal by tucking the ends into the hairband and using a bobby pin to hold them secure.
  • cute girls hairstyles guideNow take the hair you clipped away and brush it into one length and start twisting. Twist it in the direction you want to go!
  • Twist it down past the ear to the bun you just made, wrap it around the bun and seal with another hairband and a bobby pin.
  • Spritz with a dash of hairspray
  • Ta da!!!

Little Diva: Twist and Plait

cute girls hair easyThis cute girls hairstyle name had us giggling away like mad this morning. Well, I was giggling but when I played the song, Twist and Shout, to Squidge she soon got the joke. This is a very easy and cute hairstyle that’s perfect for manic Monday mornings. You don’t need longer than five minutes from start to finish and, yes, that includes the brushing out of tangles and swearing under your breath.

This particular girls hairdo was invented by us and is really just a bunch of cool hairstyles smashed together into one.

You’re going to need a rat tail comb, spray/water, a brush and a hairband.

Brush the hair out using a spray (or a spray-in conditioner or detangler) and then, using the rat tail comb, part the hair from the middle of the ear to about 1/4 up the head. If you look in the pic below, you can see how the hair is pulled up and away from the ear in two directions.

cute girls hairstyle easyDo this on both sides of the head and brush the rest of the hair into a loose pony at the bottom. This just keeps it out of the way while you twist. Clip away the left side and start on the right. How tightly you want your twist, or how soon, is up to you. If you separate the strands close to the front, then your twist will start really early on. I preferred to create the illusion of pulled back hair here, so I just twisted the entire hank of hair into itself. Like this:

cute girls hair easy

Ask your little one to hold the right strand and then twist the left. When they reach the middle, twist them around each other until you get down to your loose pony. Again, ask your little one to hold this while you separate the hair from the loose pony into three and start a French braid.

cute girls hairstyles easy

As you can see in the image the twisted hair disappears under the braid. To do this, just braid the hair to the neckline, ask your daughter to hold it, then take the twisted hair and slip it under the hair at the top of the French braid. Pull it down until you reach the three strands of your braid, blend it into one of the three strands, and complete the braid.

Ta da! Done. Easy as pie and lots of fun. Although there are points when you wish you had more arms…



Little Diva: The gorgeous hair of bows

cute girls hairstylesThis hairdo totally captivated both Squidge and I when we saw it on the Adopt a Do site yesterday. It looks amazing! So we both thought it would be the perfect choice for Crazy Hair Friday at school today.

I did end up practising it a bit yesterday afternoon and sadly didn’t have the required hairpin that Mindy recommends so it was a little bit harder than it should have been.

For those of you who have girls with curly, fine hair, this do is best created with damp hair (not wet!) and then by twisting the strands before looping them through the hairpin to make them easier to manage. It is actually quite easy once you’ve got the hang of it (and if you have a proper hairpin – note to self: get some) and really, really would be brilliant for weddings, parties and general fun.

cutegirlshairstylesIt isn’t the most robust style, though. In spite of using a very tight French braid, one of the bows kept falling out. In the end it stayed looped on one side while popping out on the other, a little frustrating. And I don’t expect her hair to come back from school looking anything like this. In fact, I imagine it has already started coming loose even though I used hairspray.

I am not sure if this is because I used the wrong hairpin and stretched the braid too much though, I think it might be. Anyway, this hairstyle looks really complex but is rather easy to achieve. It is, however, time consuming and your little one will have to sit completely still as you thread. I recommend a book/TV/something to keep them occupied while you make it.

I am particularly proud of this one, I really love it.

Little Diva: The adorable twisty two

cute girls hairI am still struggling with twisting hair. It is incredibly frustrating and yet it delivers such awesome results that I have to keep on trying to get it right. I mean, just look at this hairstyle! It’s so chic and gorgeous and Squidge just loved it. It is one of the best cute girls hairstyles in my repertoire now.

Again, I was inspired by Adopt a Do, but what she makes look easy I find really tough. I think that the reason I struggle is because (other than my two left hands) Squidge’s hair is so fine and tangly. It seems to untwist itself as fast as I twist it! Again, plenty of spray in conditioner and hairspray (I use the John Frieda one that isn’t sticky and awful) tends to fix the problem.

cute girls hairIf your little one has the same kind of hair as Squidge, then this style is pretty much perfect. Once you have the hair twisting to your demands, it really does keep those tangles at bay. Although I have to confess that this particular cute girls hairstyle didn’t withstand the demands of school.

I really must start taking pics of how her hair looks at the end of the day so you can see how well each one copes! Happy hairdos!

cute girls hair

Little Diva: The heart hoops

cute girls hairstylesThis hairstyle is sadly not shown as well as it should be in these pics. I do apologise, I have no idea why I managed to get everything except Squidge’s hair in focus here. I think it was One Of Those Days. Probably brought on by the fact that it hasn’t stopped raining for a month and my brain is likely turning into some kind of mush/mushroom.

This hairdo is gorgeous and it was also taken from Adopt A Do as her styles are still rated as among the easiest and most versatile in my books. You’ll notice that the heart hoops at Mindy’s site are a lot thicker, but Squidge’s seem more, well, tame and this is because Squidge’s hair is very fine and curly.

We often start a style only to realise about halfway through that it just won’t work with thin, fine hair at all. My hair used to be like Squidge’s but it is now very thick so I have no worries about that changing in the future, but for now, all the posts on this site will be ones that work for little girls with fine locks and plenty of curls.

cute girls hairstylesWhile these heart hoops aren’t necessarily as lustrous as those on Adopt a Do, they are definitely cuter than cute and, I promise, one of the easiest hairstyles to make.  You will need to really get your daughter’s hair completely knot free and keep it a bit damp throughout to avoid those frustrating tangles so common with fine hair. I find that using a spray in conditioner (I always rave about Vosene so feel free to insert your choice here) makes a huge difference.

Dis is my road hewman

Have you ever sat at your desk and wanted to just scream/cry/hide? We all have those moments. While I was in the Kruger Park recently, I was driving home after a hot day in the park when I saw a giraffe crossing the road. I stopped to watch him when out of nowhere, another dude appeared. I grabbed my phone, turned off the car, and sat there recording the utter silence and this giraffe’s complete disinterest in my existence.

This was, I think, HIS road.

So, next time you feel mad, crazy and just plain frustrated, take a moment and just enjoy this. It’s just for you.

Little Diva: Crazy elastic band heart

cute girls hairstylesIt’s Crazy Hair Friday again and so Squidge opted for this funky heart-shaped hairdo made with judicious use of hairbands and the rat tail comb. I saw this on another site called The Story of a Princess and Her Hair, which has some astonishing hairstyles. What that woman can do with ribbon and braids is nothing short of amazing. I recently tried to do her four-stranded plait but I am still failing miserably.

This particular hairstyle looks really complex. Many of the mums at school this morning asked me if I had to get up at 5am for it! Actually, it is beyond easy and can be done in about ten minutes once you have your head around the general idea.

You’ll need your hairbrush, rat tail comb, as many braiding hair bands as possible – I found these on Amazon – and lots of spray. As usual, I use the Vosene detangler and conditioning spray. Hate the smell, LOVE the result, and the fact that we remain lice-free in this house.

cute girls hairstylesYou’ll need to part the hair down the middle up until you are level with the ears, and then part the hair again down the sides to the ears. Take the left side and clip it or tie it away, and do the same with the hair falling down the back. On the right side, part the hair again at the diagonal and then clip the other chunk of hair away.

Starting at the back on the right-hand part, scoop up a little pony tail of hair, tie it up and then go to the next one and repeat. The trick here is to kind of twist the hair of the pony so it forms a neat end and then twist the second strand into it. This just makes sure you don’t have fly away bits and keeps the hair tidy for when you tie it. You can use as many hair bands as you like – the website I copied uses loads but I only used a few.

You move forward towards the brow, turn, grab the chunk you tied away, and then follow the shape of a heart to the back. Repeat this on the cutegirlshairstylesleft and then bring them together in the middle. I added in some extra bands just for looks on the rear long strands. Then brush her hair at the back and you’re done! The crazy elastic band heart is all yours.

We used black braiding bands as we did this for school, but you can really get some great effects by using coloured bands.

Little Diva: Primrose Everdeen hair

I went to Africa and came back to discover that Hunger Games hair fun was in full swing. Over at Adopt a Do, Mindy had copied the hair that Primrose Everdeen wore at the Reaping and it is such a cute and simple girls hairstyle I was totally into copying it. I also saw the movie this weekend (am I the only person who cried in the Reaping scene?) so doing up the Prim Everdeen hair felt, well, hungerfan right…

The style is very simple. It’s just a French braid pulled close to the ears and started right near the front of the head. It is also a very tough style. Squidge went to school looking like she does in these pics, and came back with it looking exactly the same. Colour me impressed! It was also a five minute job, unlike some of the twists I’ve tried this week. I really do need to find out if there is a trick to hair twists because ours never work as well as they should.

So, here you go, the Primrose Everdeen hairdo, enjoy!

Little Diva: Da Mohawk

cute girls hairThis hairstyle is entirely the genius of Mindy over at Adopt a Do. There is no way I could ever be that creative with hair. It also comes with a great story so be prepared to read some when you get there.

I bet you’re staring at it in a combination of amazement and concern. Who could send their child to school like THAT I hear you ask. Well. I did. And The Husband DID ask. And halfway to school, Squidge took the entire thing out and ended up wearing an awful, terrible Daddy Pony Tail of Doom.

cute girls hair

Apparently, said The Husband, people kept staring at her and it freaked her out. I felt awful!

However, this is, to me, still an awesome hairdo and it is so easy to make. Possibly save it for a special occasion that warrants such insanity though. I’m not going to tell you how to make it, Adopt a Do does it far better and with video.