Fertility is no joke

I’ve been trying to have baby number two for two years now. I’ve had two miscarriages and I’ve had crap fertility doctors – just wait until I tell you about the moron I saw in December. His incompetence was staggering, outmatched, in fact, only by his arrogance and sexism. What the hell is with patronising and sexist doctors in South Africa? Surely the vocation of gynaecologist should draw the attention of people who actually like and respect women? Or am I just deluded?

The second gynae I saw worked on the premises of the MedFem clinic in Sandton, Johannesburg. This doctor (name not included due to my fear of being sued by people far richer than I), also felt it imperative to talk me through biology basics 101 like I was merely a brainless heating system for a vagina, and then charged me a fortune for the privilege. He didn’t ask me any decent questions and he got irritated when I asked mine. In fact, he managed to NOT answer them most of the time. He then put me on a cocktail of drugs that included Parlodel, Fertomid, Glucophage, Ecotrin and Staminogro (five pills a day) and told me it was 93% successful.

The instructions were simple: Take the pills as your period starts. So off I went.

Then my period started and I read the package inserts. Hang on, you’re supposed to do a blood test for Glucophage and you need regular scans for Fertomid. And he hadn’t done any tests at all, nor had he scheduled any. I decided to give him a call.

He wasn’t in when I called so the receptionist told me she would get him to call me back. And this is what happened:

When I first answered the phone the doctor started reading out SOMEONE ELSE’S test results to me. I told him that he hadn’t done any tests on me and that was the reason I was calling. He got annoyed with me and demanded I explain why these results were in my folder.

Yes. It is my fault that somebody else’s results were in my folder. Quite.

Then I proceeded to ask him about my tests and referred to the Fertomid and the Glucophage. At this point his aggressive stance became even worse. He started yelling at me and telling me that he didn’t need to justify himself. I was really taken aback and baffled. Why was I being shouted at for asking a simple question? I would like to mention that he had still not answered my question which was: Was I supposed to come in for tests, had I misheard him and I didn’t book an appointment, and was this OK?

Hardly combatitive…

Then he swore at me. Unfortunately my phone chose that moment to lose the signal a bit so his rude words were muffled by static. I asked him to repeat himself as my phone signal went hinky. He said: Good. And hung up on me.

Now I am crabby.

I call back. He answers the phone and DENIES having hung up on me. I pointed out that a) I was not stupid and b) I heard him say “Good” and hang up. He didn’t deny it. What he DID do was refuse to answer my question, repeat himself, get aggressive, insult me, treat me like I was mentally incompetent and argue. I called it quits.

Subsequent conversations with other doctors has revealed that Parlodel was actually the bad choice as that should ONLY be prescribed if you have had the requisite blood test. Insane.

Then I went to Vitalab and had some fairly decent experiences throughout January which I will be documenting shortly. All I want is a baby. I just wish it wasn’t turning out to be such a horrific journey.

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  1. liorargov
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 05:54:42

    I wish you all the success you deserve with this very difficult process. Who knows, maybe you’ll get two… :-)